Mobile App Features and Navigation

This guide provides a brief overview of the different features in the ChronicCareIQ mobile app, and how to navigate between them.


Navigation Menu

The navigation menu is the main hub for getting to all the different features of the mobile app. To open the menu, press the Menu button.

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Here’s a brief rundown of the features available from the navigation menu:

  • Home – displays your most recent health status questions, if they have not been answered.
  • Information – view documents provided by your care team, such as a care plan, and general information about your monitoring program
  • Care Team – view names and available contact information for members of your care team
    • Send Message to Care Team – send questions and comments directly to your care team and request a call back
  • History – view details of your previous health status updates
  • Settings – view and change your personal preferences
  • About – information about the app (i.e. app version)
  • Sign Out – signs you out of ChroincCareIQ


What’s Next

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