Features and Navigation

ChronicCareIQ offers a variety of features that will help you stay in touch with your care team, and stay informed about your care.


The Navigation Bar

The main hub for accessing all of the different features within ChronicCareIQ is the navigation bar. Once you have logged in, it will always be available at the top of the screen. The image above shows what the navigation bar will typically look like.

Note: The navigation bar will automatically adjust based on the size of your screen, and may not look exactly like what is pictured above.

Below is a summary of all the available navigation bar options. Use the links to view more detailed information:

    • Home – shows if your most up-to-date health status has been sent to your care team and provides quick access to other ChronicCareIQ features
    • Messages – send messages or health-related questions to your care team and view the history of messages exchanged with your care team
    • Information – view documentation provided by your physician, such as a care plan, and view general information about your monitoring program
    • History – view details of your previous health status updates
    • Care Team  view names and available contact information for the members of your care team and your provider’s office, as well as send messages to your care team
    • Help – provides a list of help options that are available based on the current page
    • My Account view and change your personal preferences (contact info, notification settings, etc.); for details see the “Changing Your Account Settings” guide
    • Sign Out sign out of ChronicCareIQ and return to the log in page


What’s Next?

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with the different features available in ChronicCareIQ, perhaps you’d be interested in some of the following topics: