Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost for care management or remote monitoring services?

Medicare has made you eligible and pays for these services, however, they are not part of preventative care. Your deductible and cost-share are applicable, similar to other standard medical services you receive from your care provider. There may be a small monthly cost-share (typically between $8-$10) per month, if you do not have supplemental insurance. Please note that the majority of dual eligible beneficiaries (patients with Medicare-Medicaid) are not responsible for cost sharing.

If you have a Medicare Advantage plan or commercial health insurance, coverage and benefits are subject to your individual healthcare policy. Please check with your insurance provider or contact your medical provider’s billing department directly for additional guidance.

What if I don’t have access to a smartphone or computer?

Family members or caregivers are a great resource and may be able to assist you with reporting your health status updates. They can download the smartphone app or contact your care team to set up reminder emails for assistance. In addition, ask your care team about the TEXT reminder option.

My health is stable. Why do I need care management or remote monitoring services?

ChronicCareIQ is an early warning and enhanced patient communication system. Your care team has asked you to participate in order to maintain your health. This system helps your doctor receive frequent communication and health updates so that they can monitor early warning signs and proactively make adjustments in care to prevent things from escalating. Remember, chronic or ongoing medical conditions place you at risk for hospital admission and other adverse health events.

How do I temporarily turn off health status reminders?

There may be certain times when you may be unable to provide updates to your care team such as going on vacation or possibly being admitted to the hospital. Please contact your care team directly to advise you will temporarily be unavailable. Your care manager can turn off your reminders during this time, however, you can still provide health updates and communication during this time if needed. When you are ready to have your reminders turned back on, simply contact your team.

Can I change how often I receive health status reminders?

If you feel that the frequency of your reminders is incorrect, please contact your care team. Keep in mind, your physician has taken great care in tailoring scheduled questions especially for you. The care manager will verify your schedule with your physician and adjust if necessary.