At ChronicCareIQ, the security of your personal information is one of our top priorities!

How do we keep your information secure?

  • Your information will never be sold to a third party. Your information will only be available to your care team.
  • Only you, and nobody else, will have access to your password. ChronicCareIQ will never store your password in plain text.
  • ChronicCareIQ is fully HIPAA-compliant. Your information that is stored in ChronicCareIQ is protected by industry-leading encryption technology.
  • All access to ChronicCareIQ, whether through a web browser or a mobile app, is done using secure, encrypted, communications technology (SSL).
  • ChronicCareIQ uses US-based data centers, from industry-leading providers, that are in full compliance with all major regulatory security standards.
    • This includes everything from physical security, which restricts access to the data center facilities, to the security of the data center’s electronic networks.


What’s Next?

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