Changing Your Account Settings

This guide will show you how to change the settings for your account using the ChronicCareIQ mobile app.


Getting to Your Account Settings

To get to your account settings:

  1. Open the ChronicCareIQ mobile app
  2. Press the Menu button (upper-right corner)
  3. Choose the Settings option from the menu

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Which Settings Can I Change?

On the Settings screen, you can change the following settings:


Changing the Font Size

In the Font field, choose your desired font size (Large, Regular, or Small)

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Changing Your User Name

  1. Select the Change User Name option
  2. Enter your new user name
  3. Press the Modify User Name button

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Changing Your Password

  1. Select the Change Password option
  2. Enter your old password
  3. Enter your new password in the New Password field
  4. Enter your new password again in the Verify Password field
  5. Press the Modify Password button

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Changing Your Reminder Settings

By changing your notification settings, you can control when, and if, you will receive reminders on your device when it’s time to provide a new health status update. By default, reminders are sent at 8:00 am, local time.

To change the time of  your reminders:

  1. Select the Change Alarm option
  2. Make sure that Daily Alarm is set to ON
  3. Change Alarm Time to the time you’d like to receive reminders
  4. Press the Update Settings button

To disable reminders:

  1. Select the Change Alarm option
  2. Change Daily Alarm to OFF
  3. Press the Update Settings button

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Changing Your Time Zone

When your account was created, your time zone was set to match the time zone of your doctor’s office. If you live in a different time zone or you’re travelling, then you may need to adjust this setting.

To change your time zone:

  1. Select the Change Preferences option
  2. Choose the desired time zone
  3. Press the Modify Preferences button