What are Principal Care Management (PCM) Services?

Principal Care Management (PCM) is a service provided by your physician and healthcare team for patients with a single, high risk health condition. This service assists in reducing hospital visits. These services are offered for patients that may need frequent medication adjustments or increased care management due to the complexity of their illness.

Why Should I Enroll in a PCM Program?

Patients who enroll in PCM services most commonly have a single, high risk medical condition, lasting at least 3 months. In general, enrolled patients are identified as individuals who would benefit from additional monitoring or oversight of their health, including vital tracking, medication adjustments and a higher level of medical management. A couple of reasons why patients should consider enrolling in PCM services are:

  • Chronic diseases are the leading cause of death and disability in the United States.
  • Enrolling in PCM services can help prevent or reduce hospitalizations and adverse health events.
  • You’ll receive an individualized care plan, specifically targeted to treat and manage your serious health condition.
  • You can send messages to your physician and care team securely through the application.

What Does This Do For Me as a Patient?

Besides building a closer relationship with your healthcare team, this program also:

  • Provides regular health status updates to your doctor
  • Works to reduce the amount of in-office doctor visits and hospitalizations
  • Remotely monitors and records changes in your health condition(s) over time
  • Provides you with additional support from your care team

What’s Next?

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