Email Troubleshooting

ChronicCareIQ often relies on email communication with patients for things like reminder notifications and password resets. This page contains descriptions of some common issues related to email, along with information on how to resolve them.

Select any of the issues below to view more details:


ChronicCareIQ Emails are not Arriving in My Inbox

See the “Not Receiving Email Reminders?” page for a list of possible causes, and solutions, for issues relating to delivery of email to your inbox.


Buttons in ChronicCareIQ Emails have no Effect When I Press Them

For each button included in a ChronicCareIQ email, link text is also included directly beneath it. This text is available in the case that pressing the button has no effect. To use the link text, copy it and then paste it in to the address bar of your web browser.


I Have to Log In With My Username and Password After Pressing a Button or Link in a ChronicCareIQ Email

There are several different cases where you may be required to log in with your username and password after pressing a button or link in a ChronicCareIQ email.

  1. Links and buttons that provide access to sensitive, private, health information, such as care plans or messages from your care team, will require that you log in before being able to view the related information
  2. If you share an email address with 1 or more people that are also active ChronicCareIQ users, such as a spouse or relative, then using the links in your reminder emails will require you to log in before you are able to provide feedback.
    • This extra step is required to help ensure that feedback is being provided for the appropriate person