Not Receiving Email Reminders?

ChronicCareIQ makes every effort possible to ensure all emails sent to you are delivered promptly to your inbox. However, there may be occasions where emails are not delivered. There are a variety of different reasons why this issue may occur. This page includes several steps you can take to troubleshoot why ChronicCareIQ emails may not be getting delivered to your inbox.

1) Verify Your Information With Your Care Team

To ensure your emails are delivered to you, please contact your care team to:

  • Verify the correct email address is on file for your account
  • Ensure email reminders are turned on for your account


2) Check For Spam

While ChronicCareIQ takes every step we can to ensure our emails will never be marked as spam, it is unfortunately something that can happen. Here are a few tips on how you can check if ChronicCareIQ emails are getting marked as spam, and for how you might resolve the issue.

  • Check your spam/junk folder to ensure that ChronicCareIQ emails are not ending up there
  • If ChronicCareIQ emails are being delivered to your spam/junk folder…
    1. Select the ChronicCareIQ emails and then choose an option to move the messages to your inbox, or to mark them as non-spam messages. In GMail, for example, this option is labelled “Not Spam”, but the options may vary depending on your email service provider.
    2. Try adding to your email contact list
      • This can help increase the chances that messages from ChronicCareIQ get delivered to your inbox, and not marked as spam


3) Check if Your Inbox is Full

Many email service providers place limits on the amount of space available for storing messages. Over the years, it is possible to accumulate enough email to use up all of the available space. Typically, when this happens, you will no longer be able to receive any email.

Here are a few tips on checking if your email inbox is full, and how you might resolve the problem if it is:

  • Have someone send you an email, then verify that it arrives in your inbox. If your inbox is full, this message will not be delivered to you, and should result in an error/bounce-back message being sent back to the sender.
  • If your inbox is full:
    1. Free up space by deleting messages you no longer need.
      • Check your “Trash” folder first (if you have one), clearing out any messages in it
      • Check other folders, removing any messages that are no longer needed. Typically, you will need to remove them from the “Trash” folder as well. However, these steps will vary based on your email service provider
      • For assistance with deleting email, contact your email service provider, or try searching for help on their website (if available)
    2. Once space has been freed up, try having someone send you a test message again, and verify you are able to receive it


3) Contact Your Email Service Provider

If you’ve tried all the previous suggestions, and are still unable to receive your ChronicCareIQ reminder emails, try contacting your email service provider:

  • Inform your email provider that messages are being sent to you from, but are not being delivered to your inbox
  • Inform your email provider that ChronicCareIQ emails are necessary for your medical care
  • The email service provider can investigate why emails may not have been delivered through their system.


Alternative Methods for Updating Your Health Status

Alternatively, you may submit your health status update using any of the following methods:

  • Go to and login using your username and password.
  • Download the mobile app (if you have an Android or Apple smartphone). For instructions on how to use the mobile app, click HERE.
  • Change your reminder method to text (SMS) messages (Contact your care team for this option).
  • Use a prior day’s reminder email to access your questions (the links in reminder emails work for up to 30 days).


If you need additional assistance from the ChronicCareIQ Support Team, please contact us!