Not Receiving Email Reminders?

CCIQ makes every effort possible to ensure reminder emails are delivered promptly to your inbox. However, there may be occasions where emails may not be delivered. There are a variety of different reasons this issue may occur. We’ve listed a few easy steps below to assist you with email delivery issues and have also provided alternative methods for reporting your health status updates to your care team.

1) Verify Your Information With Your Care Team

To ensure your emails are delivered to you, please contact your care team to:

  • Verify the correct email address is on file for your account
  • Ensure email reminders are turned on for your account

2) Check Your Email Settings

Check your email setting to make sure CCIQ emails are being filtered to the correct folder:

  • Check your spam/junk folder (Please note: If CCIQ emails are being delivered to your spam/junk folder, make sure to choose the option “Not Spam/Junk”, to ensure emails don’t continue to be delivered to this folder)
  • Mark ChronicCareIQ as a contact in your email contact list
  • Make sure your inbox isn’t full

3) Contact Your Email Service Provider

If you’ve performed all of the above, contact your email service provider:

  • Inform the support team that emails are being sent but not delivered from your care provider
  • Inform the support team these emails are necessary for your medical care
  • The email service provider can investigate why emails may not have been delivered through their system.

Alternative Methods for Updating Your Health Status

Alternatively, you may submit your health status update using the following methods:

  • Go to and login using your username and password
  • Download the mobile app (if you have a smartphone). For instructions on how to use the mobile app, click HERE.
  • Change your reminder method to Text (SMS) Messages (Contact your care team for this option)
  • Use a prior day’s reminder email to access your questions (the links in emails work for up to 30 days)

If you need additional assistance from the CCIQ Support Team, please contact us!