Sending a Message to Your Care Team (mobile)

ChronicCareIQ’s messaging feature is the preferred way to securely send messages to your care team.

Some examples of message topics include:

  • Questions about your care or general health
  • Questions about your monitoring program
  • Requests to make changes to your monitoring program
  • Requests to have a care team member call you back by phone


How to Send a Message to Your Care Team:

  1. Open the ChronicCareIQ mobile app
  2. Select the Messages option from the Menu
  3. Press the blue “Send Message to Care Team” button
  4. Enter your message into the provided text area
  5. Select the phone numberĀ  you prefer to be contacted at
  6. Press the blue “Send” button to send your message to your care team

You can send messages to your care team from the following locations within ChronicCareIQ:

Viewing Messages From Your Care Team:

  • Your care team will receive your messages directly, and they can respond by either sending you a message through ChronicCareIQ, or by calling you back at the phone number of your choice.
  • You will receive a notification when your care team has sends a message to you
    • Note: if you have disabled reminder notifications, in either your ChronicCareIQ settings or through your device’s settings, then you will not receive any notification
  • Tap the notification to open the Messages screen in the app