Omron Blood Pressure Monitor

Follow these instructions to take measurements with your Omron Blood Pressure Monitoring.

Before getting started, you need to complete these steps first:

Take Measurement

  1. If your device has a user selector, make sure to set to appropriate user. For example, user “1” may be yourself and user “2” may be your spouse.
  2. Sit down and relax. Rest for 5 minutes if you have been doing heaving lifting or exercising.
  3. Place blood pressure cuff on your left arm. Make sure to secure it according to the direction given by your care team.
  4. Press “Start” on your device
  5. Wait approximately a minute while the measurement is taken.
  6. Once complete, remove the cuff from your arm
  7. Turn the device OFF by pressing the “Stop” button
  8. Open the Omron Connect App on your phone.
  9. Press “Add blood pressure” button
  10. On the device, make sure to press the Bluetooth button. Make sure to tap it (do not press and hold).
  11. Press “Transfer new recordings” button. If this step doesn’t work, turn off device and repeat step 10 and 11 until it syncs.
  12. Success. Press “Close”. Within 5 minutes, your care team will receive your measurements.